A Happy Ending? Really?

finally finished Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations this morning. ToTC was better, in my estimation, to be quite honest.

An interesting tidbit I learned from my Audible audiobook was that Dickens originally wrote a different ending (which I also listened to as it was available with the audiobook) which was not as upbeat and cheery as the ending we all know today. It would appear that right before publishing, Dickens felt that the story needed to end on a happier note, so he re-wrote the ending. I’m terribly sorry, Mr. Dickens, but it would appear that the 19th century definition of a happy ending is considerably different from that of current times. We have deeply differing views on happiness, you and I.

I was honestly looking forward to watching the 2012 film adaptation of Great Expectations (directed by Mike Newell) for a few reasons, but primarily because I am confident that it will change my sentiments towards this story – and make me love it.

It makes me incredibly sad that I haven’t been able to find this movie anywhere – was it not released in North America?!? With a cast that includes Helena Bonham Carter & Ralph Fiennes and the freakin’ Harry Potter GOF director it’s setting up some pretty great expectations of its own.

Please, if you know where/how to see this movie in Canada – tell me!

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