Ditched the hobbits, bring on the…humans?

I have officially accepted (temporary) defeat from The Lord of the Rings. I really really wanted to care whether or not Frodo and Merry made it to Mount Doom with Golom in tow, but I just didn’t. So I put the book down, meaning to pick it back up, but never following through. And I carried on like this for a while. Me living my life sans reading. It was AWFUL!

So I’ve come crawling back to books and to my list, but not to Lord of the Rings. I’m putting that aside for now (it can go hang out with Watership Down).

What I am reading now is…(drum roll)…DUNE!

But this time I’m not doing it alone! Nope, no siree! My amazing fiance, who noticed that I wasn’t reading anymore and wanted to take an interest in my interests, offered to read a book on my list with me to get me going again. We sat down together and reviewed the remaining books on my list, made a short list of what he would be interested in reading with me, and we selected a book to read together from there.

This is a pretty significant show of effort and support on his part, since he is not a reader by nature. If and when he does pick up a book, it is always non-fiction and usually political in nature. Thus placing Dune firmly outside of his comfort zone, and making the gesture all the more romantic and sweet. It also places a hell of a lot of pressure on me to make sure that I don’t put his sweet and herculean efforts to waste! I better read this book!!

It’s kind of adorable…now we spend some nights sitting in the living room together, reading Dune. The dogs love it because the TV is turned off, and for some reason one of them is scared of the TV. We love it because we are doing something together.

So, I’m back, with Dune and a reading buddy. More updates to come 🙂



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