Henry IV Part 1: check!

Another one bites the dust! One more Shakespearian play crossed off The List.

I will present my thoughts for Henry IV Part 1 in the form of a pros and cons list.


  • party time. Prince Harry sounds like a lot of fun, I would like to go to his parties.

    the real Prince Harry partying with Kanye and P. Diddy

    the real Prince Harry partying with Kanye and P. Diddy

  • Shakespeare does his thing. Shakespeare’s wordplay is on point in this play
  • drama. this play features excellent trash talk in most scenes
  • short. whatever your thoughts on this play, it’s over after five short acts.


  • thou dost protest too much. there is an abundance of monologues and speeches.
  • boring. the plot is kind of dry. With a party boy prince and a battle in the final scene, you would think this was not possible. Maybe I read it wrong.

Although all of Shakespeare’s plays were intended to be seen on-stage and not read on-paper (or screens), some adapt better to the reading experience than others. Henry IV Part One strikes me as a play that would be a lot of fun on stage, but loses a lot when read.

On to the next!

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