Second Foundation: what a twist!



seriously…so many spoilers.

Similar to Foundation and Empire, Second Foundation is presented in two parts. Part One was about the Mule’s search for the Second Foundation, and Part Two was about the Foundation’s search for the same thing. Guess which one finds it? Guess where it is?


Okay, fine, don’t guess. I’ll just tell you.

The Mule doesn’t find it, but he does die trying, so good on him for perseverance (don’t get mad, I warned you there were spoilers). Team Foundation wins! And who figures it all out? A 14-year old girl! Woo!

…except not really. The Second Foundation actually gives itself up to the 14-year old girl by Controlling her – a system of subtle mind-manipulation. So…hurray teamwork?

The Mule spends five years searching every inch of the galaxy he can looking for the Second Foundation, and comes up empty handed. He even blows up a planet in the effort, which was not a very classy move on his part. It’s shortly after the planet blow-up that he is killed, which is a nice moment for the readers.

But then, something weird happened to me in Part One of the book. You see, the Second Foundation is a stranger to me, but the Mule is not. The Mule is someone I met a while ago and got to know. He is a sad, neglected clown-man with a severe inferiority complex, taking out his feelings of emasculation on an entire galaxy. Despite that, I found myself rooting for him – which makes no sense at all. I’m not defending it, I’m just letting you know what happened to me, and it was weird.

Part Two fixed all of that for me, thankfully. I still wasn’t voting for the Second Foundation, though (why do I dislike them??). I was on Team Arkady #FTW.

In Part Two, which takes place 60 years after Part One, we’re introduced to Arkady, a young woman who doesn’t know she has puppet masters controlling her. Which is twisted for so many reasons. I don’t want to go down that rabbit hole; I’ll never climb back out.


Arkady’s dad joins a secret Foundation committee dedicated to finding the Second Foundation. Arkady figures out that the Second Foundation has been on Terminus all along (“DAD! OMFG! A CIRCLE HAS NO END! GET IT?? NO END!!!” – I’m paraphrasing here.) Her dad, Darrell, and his gang of anti-Second-Foundationers hunt them down and kill them all. So that takes care of that, everyone is safe again, and the Foundation now runs unopposed for position of Future Ruler of the Galactic Empire 2.0.giphy

EXCEPT IT WAS A TRICK! (cue dramatic sound effect)

it turns out the whole thing was set up by those sneaky Second Foundationers in order to make the Foundation think they’re dead and no longer a threat, when really they still are.What a twist! Terminus was never their HQ. They were lying the whole time!

Now I’m probably moving on the Prelude to Foundation. I say probably because I also picked up a few new books this week, and still have a number of unread books waiting for me on my bookshelf, not to mention that I need to finish Henry IV, already! So, yes, probably.

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