Sorry, Lamb, but I want to read other books.

I tried, Christopher Moore, I really did. Unfortunately, Lamb just wasn’t doing it for me. I had to put it down and move on to something else.

And isn’t that just the hardest thing to do?

But sometimes reading a book can feel like this:

I find the world of readers is pretty split on the “when do you give up on a book (if ever)?” question. It’s pretty divisive, actually. Some people are fine with putting down a book they are not enjoying – there are so many books out there, why waste time on one that’s not giving you what you want out of it? Right? Others disagree – you started it, you made a commitment. Suck it up and finish that thing! Maybe it gets good at the end!

I seldom give up on a book. Even when the plot plateaus, the characters all begin to irritate me, and I have almost entirely disconnected from the narrative, I’m usually still able to push through it and get the job done. Primarily because I’m stubborn AF. Case and point: Lord of the Rings.

Then, sometimes, I say, life is short and I have a list to read so I don’t have time for you, Mr. Bad Book. Or, I lie to myself and say, “You can go back on the bookshelf for now, I will try again later. Maybe I’m just not in the right place/state of mind/environment/mood to appreciate you right now.” This is also because I’m stubborn. I’m also in denial about my addiction to books.

I can list on one hand the number of times I’ve given up on a book: (1) The Shadow Boxer (a bargain book I picked up because I fell in love with the font and paper), (2) Watership Down (which I will eventually have to read as its on the list), (3) Interview with a Vampire (this one is definitely getting a revisit, I refuse to believe this book is not for me), and now, (4) Lamb.

BUT THAT’S OKAY, wanna know why? Because soon I won’t have time to spend on any of these books anyway.

Wanna know why?

Okay, I’ll tell you why.

It is because as of this fall I will be starting my English Masters program! SQUEEEEEE! This means my days of self-directed reading are behind me for the next little while. I have reading lists upon beautiful reading lists on my horizon, and I cannot wait to tear through them all.


Unfortunately, this means I also need to press pause on Middlemarch – though that decision is not a reflection of my enjoyment of the book. It is a treasure and I am looking forward to picking it back up.

So, over the next week I’ll be re-reading Tale of Two Cities, which as it turns out is even better the second time around, as well as a number of course readings in preparation for my first term as a graduate student. Oh, I will also be finishing up Clockwork Princess because that will take me all of one day to do. I’m so close to completing that series, I just want to finish it while I still can, okay?

What will happen to this blog while I’m focusing on fancy book learning? Don’t worry, kids, you’re all coming along for the ride 🙂

read all the books:

2 thoughts on “Sorry, Lamb, but I want to read other books.

  1. First, congrats on going back to school! As a former English major this sounds amazing! (I had to read Frye back then–late ’70s/early ’80s–because he was a huge influence on Atwood, who read a lot of back then.)

    I’m on Goodreads and I actually have a shelf labelled “Unfinished–Life’s Too Short” so I am totally on board with putting down a book you are not enjoying (unless you “have” to read it for educational purposes; goodness knows there were plenty of those in my life!). I loved Interview with the Vampire–I read it before the awful movie was made from the text. And I absolutely love Lamb and have suggested it to friends.

    For me, I had to read “As I Lay Dying” by Faulkner in my American Lit class back in the day. I didn’t get it at all. However, I re-read it a couple of decades later and realize it is an amazing book. Did I love it? Not really. But I’m glad I was able to appreciate it. Perhaps you may have the same experience with Lamb when you actually have time to come back to The List.

    • Thanks!! And I agree, life IS too short! I also had to read As I Lay Dying and I also did not get it at all. Maybe I’ll have another chance to read it someday so I can appreciate what all the fuss is about. I loved the Interview with a Vampire movie, so we will have to agree to disagree on that one!

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