Middlemarch: Ducking Useless Fred Vincy

The only thing more satisfying than progressing through a Victorian tome of a novel is to do so in good company. I already knew this to be true – this belief is essentially what led me to start this blog in the first place – and my current experience reading Middlemarch at the same time as a friend of mine is only reinforcing this belief.

Reading the same book at the same time as someone else has once again opened the door for me to have magical exchanges such as this:


This is awesome.

It’s a bit late in the game now for me to be making predictions, but what the heck – let’s do it anyway!

  1. Fred Vincy will marry Mary Garth and utterly ruin her life as well as bankrupt her family (who has only recently managed to bounce back from the last time he bankrupted them)
  2. He will bankrupt her family by running Caleb’s business into the ground and getting him fired.
  3. Dorothea will marry Ladislaw, making some grand speech about how money doesn’t matter to her because she’s “always had too much of it”.
  4. She will finally build her cottages.
  5. Lydgate also dies – he will die from an overdose.
  6. Rosamund rebounds and marries Riggs.
  7. The new hospital will burn down.
  8. Someone’s gonna get super sick again. Fred’s already had his turn. I vote Dorothea or Ladislaw.
  9. Doctor street brawl.
  10. Mr. Brooke gets elected.

But who will Farebrother marry? Hmmmm.

Update: I have no idea what happened to this post, but it apparently deleted itself and reverted back to an earlier draft? I’m not writing it again. Here it is, in all of its original draft glory.

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