“But we have no does!”: Progress Update on Watership Down

The rabbits have now realized that they have no does and that this is a problem. Actually, they realized it shortly after my last blog post (ha!) and have been fixated on that one thing ever since. Before there was no mention of does at all, now it’s all they talk about.

The update on plot development since I last posted is as follows: The rabbits realize they have no does. They go out looking for does. They get a couple does (Hazel almost dies, NBD). They need more does. The rabbits go out looking for does. They find does at another warren. The rabbits try to take the does.

And you’re caught up!

Okay, okay – more has happened – but those are the main plot points.

I can see why this book is taught in schools – its exploration of different styles of governing and leadership styles, and not-so-subtle bias toward democracy and religious undertones would make it an easy pick for North American school boards. Similar to A Wrinkle In Time and The Chronicles of Narnia, the religious symbolism is strong with this one.

I’d like to spend some more time looking at the use of language in this book. Adams’ creation of at least 2 languages (Lapine and Hedgerow) is perhaps the most interesting part of this text. I could write a great paper about that. I’m sure others already have – but I’m just saying, if I were to study this book, that’s 100% where I would go.

Okay, I’m now making myself late so I have to run. Wrapping this up quickly: Hazel and co. have realized that a nearby warren, Efrafa, has some does they can steal convince to come live with them. They’ve devised some sort of top-secret plan to go get these does, which they are in the process of enacting.

Oh – how did Hazel almost die? Right. They “freed” 2 does from a farm and in the process of getting away, Hazel was shot. When he didn’t return the rest of the crew assumed he was dead, until Fiver set out looking for him, convinced he was still alive. Fiver finds Hazel near-death and takes him back to the warren, where he is nursed back to health just in time for Mission Doe-Possible.

Okay, now I really have to go. I’m not reading this over or editing before publishing because I don’t have time so be kind to me, readers. Until next time!

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