Yeah…about that…

At this point I believe it goes without saying that I haven’t achieved my goal of completing the Lord of the Rings trilogy by the end of January. In my defense, I was at a conference the week of January 20th which took up a great deal of time that otherwise could have been spent reading, also I have been sick since January 21rst. Granted, attending a conference and taking ill are not necessarily valid reasons not to read. However, they become more compelling reasons when:

(a) the people are your conference are incredibly fun individuals who you seldom see, especially all at once, and spending time with them trumps reading, and,

(b) being so sick from January 24th onwards that the mere thought of having to harness your faculties to focus on reading is so daunting that you give up without even trying. Instead, you cower away from your Kindle and bookshelf and spend your days cuddling a box boxes of Kleenex and watching brainless TV on Netflix.

Basically I felt like Cameron in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off:

Except I looked much less adorable and much more like an unkempt monster. So maybe this image is a bit more accurate (Q: how can I resist any Les Mis reference? A: I can’t!):

The sickness is still lingering, but I am healthy enough that I have regained my ability to concentrate. This is wonderful for many reasons including, but not limited to, exponentially improving my reading ability. It also means I am drinking coffee again which is amazing (cue Peaches & Herb “Reunited“).

This past weekend was the first weekend in a long time that I felt like a real functioning human being. Instead of spending it reading, I decided to go out and have some fun. The fun led to an impromptu 90’s international dance party powered by YouTube in my best friend’s living room, during which I learned how to count to ten in Arabic. I think it’s fair to say I made the right choice.