I got this.

It turns out that I had incorrectly logged books I’ve read (*cough* or listened to as audiobooks *cough*) this year on Goodreads, and am actually much closer to my goal as previously believed (yay!).

After correctly logging books I have read, and with the help of a recent long driving trip which allowed me to finish two and half audiobooks, I find myself with only three books left to read to reach my goal.

According to Goodreads I am now “on track” to reach my goal.¬†Coming off of months of being ridiculously behind, this made me feel very good, and very confident. In celebration, today I decided to ditch my plan of relying on young adult fiction, Shakespeare (with the exception of Henry IV Part Two, which I’m still working on and will finish soon), and audiobooks, and turned once again to my bowl to pick which book to read next.

My next book will be: Anna Karenina


True, this is not the most digestible of books, but it is supposed to be very good. It’s on The List after all, right?! Don’t worry, guys, I totally got this…

…I am 62% sure I got this…

…I picked up the first Infernal Devices book and The Five People You Meet in Heaven…just to be safe…Safety first!



Competing Goals

Obviously the big picture here is The List. Continuing to make progress towards crossing off those titles is clearly the larger goal.

HOWEVER. I also made a Goodreads 2015 Reading Challenge goal of 30 books. I have read sixteen this year so far (I know, I suck!).

That leaves fourteen to read to meet my Goodreads goal. With six weeks left in the year, this means I need to read more than two books per week. Which is insane because I have a full-time job, a husband, dogs and friends who sometimes require my attention.

I think I have a fighting chance. Not a very good chance, but a chance nonetheless. Between Audible, young adult fiction, Shakespeare, strategic short List reads (such as Alice in Wonderland, which I read last week and neglected to write a post about), I just might pull this off.

Relationships may suffer. Success has its price, sacrifices must be made.

Wish me luck!