Nerd Pride! #ireadwhatiwant

I’m supposed to be reading Troilus and Cressida right now, but guess what? It turns out that following up Moby Dick with obscure Shakespeare is maybe not the best idea. At least not when you are also reading the 5th edition of the PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge). I’ve been reading a play that should take me 2 hours to read for the last – what? – month now? My brain is working out more than my body is. Granted that’s not very much but you get the idea!

Full disclosure: I also read a fantasy novel instead of Shakespeare…because I wanted to.

Next week Colleges and Universities across the land will be going on reading week. Well I’ve decided I’m going to take a little reading week of my own!

WOOO HOOO! READING PARTY!! Did that just make me sound like the biggest nerd ever? DON’T CARE! I just googled “nerd pride” and this is what I found: