Competing Goals

Obviously the big picture here is The List. Continuing to make progress towards crossing off those titles is clearly the larger goal.

HOWEVER. I also made a Goodreads 2015 Reading Challenge goal of 30 books. I have read sixteen this year so far (I know, I suck!).

That leaves fourteen to read to meet my Goodreads goal. With six weeks left in the year, this means I need to read more than two books per week. Which is insane because I have a full-time job, a husband, dogs and friends who sometimes require my attention.

I think I have a fighting chance. Not a very good chance, but a chance nonetheless. Between Audible, young adult fiction, Shakespeare, strategic short List reads (such as Alice in Wonderland, which I read last week and neglected to write a post about), I just might pull this off.

Relationships may suffer. Success has its price, sacrifices must be made.

Wish me luck!